Credit Negotiation Tips with the Bank

For those who like to spend money and pay for various things by installments, it will be greatly facilitated by the existence of a credit card. Unfortunately, the credit card is like a double-edged knife which on one side has a lot of uses and on the other hand has a lot of things that can ruin lives.

For those who want to stop and negotiate with the bank about their credit cards, there are things that can be done through tips that are shared this time. This method can be said to be successful where negotiations are carried out after absolutely no longer able to pay and the collect period is already on the BI checking black list.


The bank will actually provide relief to those who have problems in paying bills

The bank will actually provide relief to those who have problems in paying bills

They will certainly understand if there is good faith from the customer. However, if the condition of the customer is in a bad condition, for example in a state of bankruptcy, there must be good communication by conveying how the current conditions are honest and full of sincerity, surely the bank will understand. The bank also wants no customers to have a credit jam. Instead of continuing to get stuck, it is better for the bank to review the installments to suit the ability of its customers.

Remember, lying will only create a problem where BI will record all track records so that every banking transaction can be seen. If the reason for not being able to pay turns out to be just a hoax then it will be very embarrassing. For example, claiming to have no more money, but when you check it turns out there are still deposits in the bank. Of course this is a fun and funny thing to know.

Therefore, it is better to negotiate so that the name can be whitened from the BI Checking blacklist and this policy will reduce the NPL of a bank. How technical the negotiations will depend on the agreement between the customer and the bank. When and how much will be paid will be determined together.


What is like having a credit card?

credit card?

Once again, having a credit card is like having a double-edged knife which on one side if a credit card is used wisely will provide an ease and assistance that makes life easier. It can even be used as a solution to get capital to do business. Unfortunately, if the wrong use of the credit card will with difficulty drag the owner to the valley of misery where credit card debt is piling up and it is difficult to pay installments because it continues to increase every month. Being a smart consumer is the right way to be able to properly use a credit card. Because if you just go wrong in the future there will be problems that must be faced.

When paying off debts, sincere intention is needed. After all the debt that has been made is something that must be paid. There are two ways you can do so that this credit dilemma can end well. First, increase income and reduce expenses where this is a decision that must be made inevitably so that later can pay and pay off existing debt without any other debt created. High discipline is the key to finally being able to pay off all things that must be paid. When debt is no longer owned, it will create a pleasant feeling that is seen in the faces of children or loved ones.


Negotiating with the bank

Negotiating with the bank

Where there is only the bank that wants to write off the interest given for debt debt in arrears. This negotiation is carried out if the situation is really difficult and the customer is committed to paying off the debt.

In the end, a difficult business needs to be done, namely determined that everything must be finished and no more repetition. The existence of credit if it only brings badness then the folders to be eliminated. Changing lifestyles that are too glamorous should be removed into frugality habits for a better future and for a calmer life.